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KM AGRO FOOD Natural Diet is the new, revolutionary, veterinary range of Farmina Pet Foods, the first only natural. Nature itself is the guiding principle of Farmina Philosophy which finds full expression in new diets exiting a long and accurate scientific research led in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples Federico II. The experience gained in the development of ideal nutritional strategies, appropriate to the physiology of dogs and cats, made possible for Farmina Vet Research to formulate the first veterinary natural diet characterized by:

The selection of raw materials is of paramount importance to obtain a product whose characteristics provide the optimum nutritional intake and biological value for the welfare of pets. In Farmina, we use only the best products of our partners to get food nutritionally able to meet, in the best way, the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. In our food are raw materials fit for human consumption. In the wet food, for example, you can see whole pieces of muscle and vegetables that you can enjoy with your eyes. Those same elements are then pulverized and used in the composition of our dry food. The higher quality of the elements ensures the highest quality of the finished product and thus, a useful food to the wellbeing of pets.

Years of scientific research in collaboration with the Chair of Animal Nutrition of University of Naples Federico II led Farmina Vet Research group to formulate a nutritional system designed on the nature of our four-legged family: Natural & Delicious Grain Free, the nutrition system for carnivores completely without cereals and GMO Free, with with 70% of really high quality animal origin raw materials.

KM AGRO Pet Foods utilizes primay source of protein from chicken, fish, lamb and eggs. The dehydrated chicken meat present in Farmina products derives from whole Italian chickens freshly slaughtered, free of feathers and other waste products of the animal. All this helps to make this raw material a food with high contents of biological value protein, with a digestibility of 95%. The fish, utilized by Farmina Pet Foods, is Scandinavia origin and derives exclusively from animals caught at sea and not of breeding.

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We value each customer and pride ourselves on great customer service. If you are looking for top quality products at a great price look no further than KM AGRO ! Our staff are experts in the equestrian field and offer a wealth of knowledge to help guide you into making the right decision. Whether you’re a top-level competitor or just ride for pleasure our one-stop-shop provides all your horse and riding requirements.


KM Agro Foods and exports was established with the aim of promoting the unique taste of India through dog food products. We hope to be a prominent name in the pet industry, while building trust and relationship with our customers.


KM AGRO Foods was started in Kanpur with a mission to produce the quality, healthy and nutritious dog food and dog chew in the year 2015. In the very short span of time the company positioned itself on a good position on the basis of quality and customer commitment.


The plant is divided into four major parts namely raw material processing area, drying chamber, post drying and processing / packaging areas. Our manufacturing facility is state of the art and latest techniques of production are used to achieve the desired results. The work force is highly trained to ensure minimum lead-time for achieving desired quality standards.


We get our raw materials in a semi-dried state, which is achieved by the process of sun drying. The raw material is heated in a drying chamber scientifically to a temperature of 90°C, which aids in even heat distribution, ensuring elimination of all pathogens. The product is packed as per the buyer's requirements. The packaging is done under hygienic conditions where special care is taken to avoid contamination.

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